Stella is located in the quaint and charming shopping district along Central Street in North Evanston. Its owner, Rachel, takes special care in handpicking just the right blend of merchandise to create the boutique’s fabulous and unique atmosphere.

Rachel wore many hats before taking over the store in 2002. After working with low-income clientele in the social service industry and learning how to relate to people on an interpersonal level, she then went the opposite route and became an event planner, utilizing her incredible taste to design and organize glamorous corporate events. Owning Stella allows Rachel to pull from her professional experience and marry the two careers, and Stella has become a passionate extension of her creativity.

“I call it my third child,” said Rachel, who lives near Stella with her husband and two actual children. “It’s not just a store. It’s a labor of love.”

Rachel buys broad for an ever-changing mix of treasures, which keeps Stella fresh. It’s a new adventure every time you walk in, and that brings customers back weekly. The store has become more than just a fabulous boutique but a feel-good forum for women to socialize, network and shop. Stella is simply fun.

Hope to see you at Stella!